canvart - printing your photos on canvas

Giclée Reproductions of your Artwork

Giclee print
Isn't it great when the labour of love and time that you have invested in creating an artpiece results in a sale and heads out the door. However, at the same time isn't it sad... chances are you will never see it again, and you can only sell it once. 

Canvart can print archival, gallery quality reproductions of your artwork, that to the naked eye look to be the same as the original!

This is a great way to enhance the income potential from your work. From a single painting you can sell multiple copies. You will be amazed at the detail that comes out, along with the great vibrant colours!

We work with artists, not only in reproductions, but also in speeding up their processes. We can print the base of your painting for you, so that you can take to it with your brush and finish it off saving you time in preparation.

Technology is a wonderful thing, and when the latest in technology is mixed with a unique skillset, the world is your oyster!