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Our Pricing

At Canvart, our aim is to make it as affordable as possible for you to create your own high quality work of art. We have put a lot of work into offering the lowest possible price for the highest possible quality.

If you are comparing prices and would like help in what to look out for, then feel free to check out our handy list here...

free delivery in NZ

free delivery in NZ

We offer free courier delivery on all of our canvas prints throughout NZ.

International orders are quoted for at the time of the order, and may be free for some sizes

Our Prices

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These prices are all inclusive for a ready to hang Stretched Canvas work of art from your photograph 
'A' sizes (approx)
150x200 (A5) $45.00
200x300 (A4) $90.00
300x420 (A3) $120.00
420x600 (A2) $171.00
600x800 (A1) $269.00
Square Prints
150x150 $45.00
200x200 $83.00
250x250 $92.00
300x300 $100.00
350x350 $129.00
420x420 $145.00
500x500 $174.00
600x600 $214.00
700x700 $269.00
1000x1000 $414.00
Rectangle Prints
200x250 $86.00
250x300 $95.00
250x380 $110.00
300x450 $122.00
350x500 $143.00
350x600 $154.00
400x600 $169.00
500x700 $200.00
640x900 $292.00
600x1000 $300.00
700x1000 $323.00
Panoramic Prints
150x300 $87.00
150x450 $104.00
300x700 $159.00
300x1000 $192.00
420x1000 $220.00
500x1000 $273.00

The sizes shown for the Stretched Canvases represent the size of the front of the print. We print the picture slightly larger than the size shown, with a bleed to wrap around the frame.

These are our most popular sizes, but if you would like something else, we will be more than happy to print it for you. Simply let us know what you have in mind and we will provide a quote.  

 free delivery in NZ

Other Services

Photo Manipulation

If your photograph requires any minor adjustments then these will be performed free of charge with your order.

We can also carry out advanced manipulation of your photographs. As this is dependant on each photograph, a quote will be supplied at the time of your order. For more on our services click here...

Other Services

For an extensive range of the services that we offer, please check out  our services.

Printing Services

If you have any other specific printing requirements then let us know, as we are able to print on a variety of media that we can source if need be.