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Canvart Designer Montages

If you are looking for something different when it comes to displaying your photos- then how about a montage?

With a montage, we can display more than one photo on the canvas, giving you a stylish way to capture a memory.

Holidays, weddings, pets, children and especially birthdays are great reasons to create a montage.

Different Styles

The shape, style and number of photos are all up to you. As a general rule we would recommend cropping the photos to a square shape to help keep the montage even.

Where possible we work to a minimum size of 10cm on the shortest side so that the photos are all big enough to be seen.
We can leave a border on the front of the print or have the photos right up to the edges of the frame, and we can also add text to your montage for added effect.

There are endless variations to what we can create for you, and we have listed four examples below to give you some idea.

This option has white space between each of the photos allowing each one to stand out With this approach, the photos are all touching each other with no space between them.
Here the photos are centered with a wide border around them for a great contemporary look You dont have to have the same size photos, or an even number for that matter. With this option you can make a feature of a favourite.
We can also create a custom Canvart designer background for your photographs to be displayed on. Below are some examples:


Our designer will work with you to create a surrounding that best suits your theme. Depending on the type of background you prefer, there may be a small charge to cover the additional time, for which a fixed quote will be provided.

How they are Priced

Montages are priced slightly differently to our normal prints. They are made up of two components, the standard print price as below and then a design fee of either $3 or $5 per photograph.

Show me the prices in

'A' sizes (approx)
150x200 (A5) $45.00
200x300 (A4) $90.00
300x420 (A3) $120.00
420x600 (A2) $171.00
600x800 (A1) $269.00
Square Prints
150x150 $45.00
200x200 $83.00
250x250 $92.00
300x300 $100.00
350x350 $129.00
420x420 $145.00
500x500 $174.00
600x600 $214.00
700x700 $269.00
1000x1000 $414.00
Rectangle Prints
200x250 $86.00
250x300 $95.00
250x380 $110.00
300x450 $122.00
350x500 $143.00
350x600 $154.00
400x600 $169.00
500x700 $200.00
640x900 $292.00
600x1000 $300.00
700x1000 $323.00
Panoramic Prints
150x300 $87.00
150x450 $104.00
300x700 $159.00
300x1000 $192.00
420x1000 $220.00
500x1000 $273.00

In addition to the canvas print price, there is a design fee of $3 for each digital photo on the montage or $5 for each photo that we need to scan.

Here is a calculator to give you an idea of the pricing:

 1. Select a print size from above
 2. Are your photos digital?  Yes No
 3 How many photos would you like to have on your montage?