canvart - printing your photos on canvas

What is a Montage?

We call them montages, you may know them as a collage or a story board- but it is basically a collection of photos arranged on one canvas.

The good news is that the montage can be completely individualised to suit you and your décor. The size, number of photos and background colour can all be customised to suit.

Below are just a few examples of montage styles to help you get started. We have also included a handy calculator, so that you can work out how much your masterpiece will be.

Montages are a great cost effective way to remember an awesome holiday, or to display all of your favourite wedding photos. They make a great, personal gift for someone and are an excellent option if you have a collection of lower quality photos that can’t be enlarged very much.

We can add text to the montage too, so can record names and dates on the canvas if they are significant. Examples of this range from the name of your dog to your wedding vows - whatever you like!

Montage Example 1

The pictures have been placed on a square canvas. The top and bottom rows contain square shaped images, while the middle pic is panoramic in shape.

canvas print - montage


Montage Example 2

We have based this montage on a longer canvas. One image takes up the entire background, with a series of smaller square photos along the bottom. A great option if you have a favourite photo that you would like to show off.

montage on canvas


Montage Example 3

This montage is based on a long canvas. The photos are centred on the canvas and each is surrounded by a curvaceous white border. We can use other colours in the background if you prefer.

multiple photos on one canvas


Montage Example 4

Similar to the Kingston Flyer example, this montage is also spread over a long canvas. This time the photos are evenly spaced across the face of the canvas with white lines between them. White bands are across the top and bottom of the canvas.

multiple photos on one canvas


Montage Example 5

A really stylish option is to have a collection of photos in the middle of the canvas, with a thick white border surrounding them.

lots of photos on a single canvas


Montage Example 6

Possibly our most popular montage. Here a collection of photos have been cropped to a square shape and have been arranged evenly over the canvas.

This particular example has quite thick white lines between the photos, where the date of the couples wedding has been added. Another popular option is to insert the wedding vows in-between the photos.

wedding montage


Montage Example 7

Here we have a rectangular canvas with rectangular photos - all in the same orientation. In this example, there are no lines between the photos, they are a right against each other.

One of the rectangles has been dedicated to some writing - we can use a picture as a background to the text, or can just use a plain colour.

designer montage


Montage Example 8

A long, thin canvas has been used in this example. The defining feature is that the photos overlap and blur together slightly so there are no harsh lines.

montage print


Montage Example 9

This is an effective way to display a few photos that are different orientations on the same canvas.

designer montage print


Montage Example 10

Make one image the star and have it nice and big in the centre as you will see with this example. A collection of smaller images are arranged around the central image, with white lines inbetween.

black and white montage