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Stretched Canvas Prints 

This is a great way to transform your photograph into something really stylish!

With this option, we print your photograph onto canvas using the latest technology, coupled with high quality ink and canvas. Once everything has cured, we then stretch your print over our custom stretcher bars that are manufactured  to our own quality specifications. We use 32mm stretchers as a standard

The final step is to add a saw tooth hanger so that your print is ready to hang straight out of the box

canvas print  photo on canvas   photo printed on canvas

We can create your stretched canvas masterpiece in a number of sizes, ranging from a small 130 x 130mm to 1m x 1m, or larger if required.

The maximum width that we can do is 1.4m, but we can go longer than 1m if need be. We have done prints up to 1 x 2 metres!

You will find a list of our most common sizes and prices below, if you have a size requirement not listed then feel free to contact us for a quote.

Stretched Canvas Pricing

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'A' sizes (approx)
150x200 (A5) $45.00
200x300 (A4) $90.00
300x420 (A3) $120.00
420x600 (A2) $171.00
600x800 (A1) $269.00
Square Prints
150x150 $45.00
200x200 $83.00
250x250 $92.00
300x300 $100.00
350x350 $129.00
420x420 $145.00
500x500 $174.00
600x600 $214.00
700x700 $269.00
1000x1000 $414.00
Rectangle Prints
200x250 $86.00
250x300 $95.00
250x380 $110.00
300x450 $122.00
350x500 $143.00
350x600 $154.00
400x600 $169.00
500x700 $200.00
640x900 $292.00
600x1000 $300.00
700x1000 $323.00
Panoramic Prints
150x300 $87.00
150x450 $104.00
300x700 $159.00
300x1000 $192.00
420x1000 $220.00
500x1000 $273.00

The size here represents the front of the print - we allow additional canvas for stretching.

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