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Pimp my Photo!

Right, well where do we start? Do you want something really unique and funky done with your photograph? The only limit here is imagination - there is so much that can be done!

We will show you a few examples of what can be done below....this is just a snippet of the things that we can do, and as each photo will be different, it is impossible to cover everything.

Converting your Photograph to a Sketch

This is a great option for a unique and subtle work of art. These have proven to be a very popular gift idea and make a great centrepiece in any room.



As the name suggests we can really make your photo 'Pop.' Here is the perfect opportunity to express yourself in bright vibrant colours with this awesome style
      Popart      Popart

How about putting all of your kids on the same print? There are no limitations with colour and we can work with you to create a fantastic work of art that you will treasure for years to come.


What Background??

Have you got that photo with a boring background where you really want to make your subject stand out?

Let Canvart transform your photograph for you. We can remove the background, leaving a crisp white surround.

background removal

Or if you prefer, we can replace the background with a different photo altogether. The opportunities here are endless, and we are more than happy to help with creative ideas!!

background removal

Simply send us your photo(s) and we will provide a free fixed price quote before we go ahead with your order.


Graphic Design

We can create a great designer print for you by surrounding your photograph with a custom designed Canvart background. Our designer will work with you to come up with a background that best suits your photo. This also works really well with montages containing many photos.


Converting your Photograph to a Painting

We can make your photograph look like it was painted by an artist. This is a great way to create a point of difference with your picture!

     Oil painting   Oil painting


The cost for these types of services varies with the photograph that we use and the style that you would like it. If you have a pic in mind, feel free to send it to us for a free fixed price quote.

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